Fall Foliage in Illinois

Fall Foliage at Morton Arboretum

A scenic image of the fall colors at Morton Arboretum.

When the discussion of fall foliage and colors arises; New England is typically the first area discussed. New England is renowned for their beautiful fall colors and scenic countryside driving routes, but the northeast is not the only location to witness amazing fall colors. The state of Illinois is full of natural beauty that should not be dismissed. Residents and tourist can testify that the state has plenty of great locations to see vibrant fall colors.

Mid-October to early November is the best period to capture a glimpse of the colorful foliage around Illinois. In the middle of October, Maple trees in Northern Illinois will be turning yellow with specks of red, patches of yellow and orange will dominate hardwoods in Southern Illinois, and residents in Evanston will begin to see their oak trees turning shades of maroon and bronze.

If you want to take a trip to see the fall colors around the state, Historic National Road is one of the most scenic routes through Illinois. The byway courses through the countryside of Illinois and Indiana. Individuals that want to stay close to home can keep track of the fall colors by following maps of the changing autumn foliage.

Autumn is a special time of year because you can witness the transition of the seasons firsthand. Get outdoors in the coming month to witness the fall scenery found around your gorgeous state.

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